Twisted Review: Innocent Until Proven Guilty

It's week two in Green Grove and the murder, mystery, and mayhem is still running strong. While the Twisted pilot focused mostly on the return of Danny Desai after five years spent in juvi for killing his aunt, the episode capped off with the murder of popular girl Regina. (not George)

In "Grief is a Five-Letter-Word", we got to experience the fallout from Regina's murder.

Kyle Masterson, who I will forever look at Captain Archibald from Gossip Girl, is still hot on Danny's case despite having no concrete evidence. Of course there is one piece of damning evidence, the necklace. But what do we really know about the necklace? As I mentioned last week, the idea that Danny killed Regina just seemed too clean cut. There's no way it would be an open and shut case that quickly.



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