Twisted Season 1 Review “Grief is a Five-Letter-Word”

I was impressed by last week’s premiere of ABC Family’s latest mystery drama, Twisted and, after this second episode, I’m convinced this is going to be my new guilty pleasure. We’re still none the wiser to whether Danny is a misunderstood child murderer or a full-blown psychopath, but we do know who’s currently willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and who’s ready to throw away the key. In the first camp are Jo and Rico, who have formed their own clique based on the fact that they’re all social outcasts. Meanwhile, Lacey and what remains of the popular crowd are busy grieving the loss of Regina, all but decided that Danny is the culprit. It’s hard not to agree with them right now, of course, what with him hiding evidence all over the place. There’s definitely something up with that necklace, but I doubt Danny actually killed Regina. I actually doubt whether he killed his aunt, as cover-ups and conspiracies aren’t a new thing for shows on this network. READ MORE...


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