Franklin & Bash Season 3 Premiere 2013 Review “Coffee and Cream; Dead and Alive”

In the Franklin & Bash two-hour season 3 premiere "Coffee and Cream; Dead and Alive," the boys find themselves with a new foe who turns into a new boss, a new place, and new rules that they actually (gasp!) follow. Alright so I know that the only thing anyone wants to talk about in this season premiere is the addition of Heather Locklear so I’ll just jump right in by talking about what I thought of Rachel. When I heard that they were adding her to the show, my immediate thought was "why?" I felt like the show was doing just fine without her and Malcolm McDowell as their wacky boss Stanton was perfect. Did the addition of Rachel as the boys’ new boss change my mind? No, not really. But I also don’t despise the character either. The way I saw it, she didn’t take away from any of the parts that I love about this show – Peter and Jared’s shenanigans, Damien’s awkwardness, Pindar’s hilarious OCD and Carmen’s awesomeness. READ MORE...


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