The White Queen Season 1 Episode 2 Review

The line "we’ve no need for scheming women" was uttered within the first five minutes of The White Queen, but the speaker obviously hadn’t gotten the memo about this show. It’s all about the scheming women and, after being introduced to Elizabeth last week, we now get to know Warwick’s daughters and the Red Queen, Margaret Beaufort. It’s clear from the episode that The White Queen doesn’t plan on dawdling, as this episode alone covers around three years of time. There’s a coronation, a number of births and a revolt all in the space of an hour, and the pace of the thing is something the series has over others. It’s too bad that this quick movement makes the already hard to follow plot even more complicated. It’s a good job we’re conditioned to expect period dramas to remind us of everyone’s social standing, family name and rank every five minutes, or I’d be lost half the time. READ MORE...


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