'Ghost Hunters' Jason Hawes: In Grant Wilson's absence, Steve Gonsalves has really stepped up

Zap2it: Now that your former partner, Grant Wilson, has gone on to other ventures, who on the TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) team has really stepped up?Jason Hawes: Oh, Steve [Gonsalves, the tech manager], 100 percent. Most people don't realize Steve's been with me longer than Grant. He's been with me for years longer than Grant.Q: At the beginning of the show, we saw you do a lot of investigations in private homes; now it seems more weighted toward businesses and historical sites. Why is that?A: I have final say on what cases we investigate, but Syfy and Pilgrim Films have final say on what airs on the network. So it's totally understandable. There are a lot of cases we do that never air.Q: Can you go anywhere without being recognized?A: It's usually not bad. In [my home state of] Rhode Island, because it's such a small state, everybody's used to seeing me. Out of...



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