'Mad Men' Season 6 finale recap: Don Draper, what have you done?

We've seen several brilliant "Mad Men" finales over the years, but "In Care Of" is a true showstopper.The series could literally end right here, with every character having undergone a tremendous six season arc. But there's one more season to go (barring any last minute decision to extend the run even longer), and considering everything that happens in "In Care Of" we can't wait to see it.If there was a single recurring complaint lodged against this overall excellent season of "Mad Men," it was that Don Draper seemed stuck in a rut -- which, as "In Care Of" solidifies, was exactly the point. After the illusion of happiness he found in his marriage to Megan was shattered, Don fell back into his old habits with a vengeance. He cheated with a married neighbor. He drank more than ever. And at work? Well, as Pete put it in "For Immediate Release," he was Tarzan swinging from...



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