The Killing Recap: Hoodie Holder’s Back

A girl who might be the missing Kallie (it’s impossible to tell) gets hit by a car. The guy who hits her gets out and asks if she’s okay. He might be related to Shia Lebouf but again, nothing is certain right now. At the sound of his voice, she screams and runs off into the woods. I’m going to give everyone the benefit of the doubt right now that this is because she doesn’t get a good look at him and so thought he might be her attacker instead of someone who could potentially drive her to safety, call the police, help the case be solved in four episodes instead of thirteen, etc. Once she’s gone, the guy turns and sees some sort of shadowy presence in front of his headlights who is either the killer or Holder’s ex-partner Carl, lost on his way home. The driver screams at the shadow but then during the credits, the shadow joins forces with its cousin, the smoke monster, and they both head off after the girl.



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