'Teen Wolf' Season 3 mystery: 10 evil druid possibilities

Now that we're four episodes into "Teen Wolf" Season 3, it's time to begin puzzling over the identity of the Big Bad. Last season, it was the kanima (and the person controlling that monster). This season, it seems to be an evil, serial-killing, human-sacrificing druid with an awesome soundtrack.So who is the darach? We rank the 10 most likely choices here:1. Jennifer Blake, English teacher and Derek Hale potential love interestLook at the facts: Ms. Blake is new. The freaky birds attacked her class at school. Mr. Harris, who seemed to know his attacker, was a co-worker. This English teacher randomly hangs out in high-school boiler rooms shortly before dawn. Her being a good guy would make Derek happy.Obviously, Jennifer Blake is evil. But is she creepy-music-toting evil?2. Gerard ArgentRemember how Grandpa Gerard went and disappeared mere seconds after he supposedly died in a fountain of black goo in the Season 2 finale? We...



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