Under the Dome Recap: Domesday

As with Vulture’s Game of Thrones recaps, Under the Dome will remain relatively spoiler-free in regards to Stephen King’s 2009 novel. Please observe this in the comments, or flag your spoilers loudly and clearly.

The final moment in Under the Dome’s premiere is telling. It's delivered through clunky exposition ("Duke, is it your pacemaker, buddy?" "What pacemaker, you mean this pacema—" BLAAAAOW; Duke’s chest explodes), but it feels engaging and high-stakes. Why? Because Duke's death (presumed death?) comes at the hands of an invisible, impenetrable dome from space and/or the military and/or who the hell knows where. The dome short-circuited the machinery in Duke's chest, and we don't know why. It's one of many genuinely intriguing whys; Under the Dome is going to be as much a mystery as it is a small-town disaster drama. The performances, production values, and writing might wobble all over the quality spectrum, but, like Lost, the plot's going to sink new hooks in us every week.



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