Flowers Of Evil Episode #07 Anime Review

I’m always somewhat hesitant about handing out A+’s for grades, as nothing is truly perfect. But then again, if I don’t use one for an episode like this, with an ending like this, I might as well never use them at all. The episode begins with Kasuga visiting Saeki in bed, since she spent the day home from school. He finds her in bed reading the Flowers of Evil book Kasuga had bought for her, although she quickly tries to hide it under her blanket. Kasuga asks her what’s wrong. Saeki asks him to sit on her bed beside her, and places her hand on his. She asks him if he is keeping any secrets from her. Kasuga lies, saying there’s nothing he’s hiding, thinking only of the gym uniform. But Saeki doesn’t know anything about that, and is instead thinking of the conversation she thought she heard between Nakamura and Kasuga, where it appeared Nakamura wanted to have sex with Kasuga. Saeki accepts his answer, but the guilt of keeping the secret starts gnawing at Kasuga’s conscience. READ MORE...


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