'Hannibal' is so darn heavy, it will pin you to the ground

Everyone has a handful of shows that they simply know they must keep up with, but circumstances beyond his or her control render that completely impossible. It's hard enough when you're simply trying to watch a set number of shows, but when you're also trying to respond to them in the form of criticism, podcasts, episodic reviews, and other forms it's downright silly to expect completism or anything close to it. Last week, I polished off one show from my belated list: "Orphan Black." This week, I closed off another: NBC's garish, ghoulish, deeply upsetting "Hannibal." I use those adjectives both in positive and negative meanings: At the end of the season, I can certainly say I appreciated what the show did, even if there were large portions that I simply did not enjoy at all.Part of that lack of enjoyment comes from one of the show's chief strengths: its unrelenting bleakness, both in its...



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