Love and Marriage Series 1 Episode 4 (ITV) Review

This week’s Love and Marriage moves away from the young couples and focuses instead on Rowen – Pauline’s sister, Scarlett’s grandmother and mistress to Tommy. It’s been clear from the start that Rowen was the black sheep of the family, and now we finally get to explore how far that label really applies. We start on Rowen and Tommy’s anniversary, but quickly discover that this isn’t your normal celebration. All of the family gather at the house to wish them well despite knowing, deep down, that the relationship is too much of a sham to last forever. Tommy is still with his wife, who is fully aware of Rowen, and the two women share him between them without acknowledging the other. It’s an odd arrangement, but one that adds a little much needed spice and flavour to Love and Marriage. READ MORE...


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