Royal Pains Season 5 Review - Lawson Translation

In this episode of Royal Pains, called "Lawson Translation," Hank heads to Budapest to talk to Milos and ends up getting involved in a very dangerous situation. Well, it finally happened. Hank finally found out that Boris was alive and while he did make it clear that all the subterfuge pissed him off, things went awry so fast that it didn’t last for very long. I think we all knew that Dmitry was never the bad guy so watching him die was incredibly sad. Hank volunteering to get close to Milos was either very brave or very stupid. I think I’m voting for a little bit of both. I know he and Boris are close friends (despite explosions and brain surgeries), so of course he would offer to help, but that took a lot of guts to do right after he saw another man killed for attempting to do the same thing. I’ll always want Hank to be our friendly neighborhood doctor, but I also love it when he gets the chance to be a bit of a badass so I have to say I’m kind of excited by the current state of events. READ MORE...


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