Thats one word to sum up that episode.

To start with I like the fact that it seemed more real because of all the hand cams, and the fact that the guys seemed more natural too with all the swearing (even though it was covered with a beep and a scull). This episode is definatly one that is different to the usual bad demon; holy water, latin phases. But there is always the good old Rock salt Shot gun!.. In this episode also its about what dean wants to do, its about them wanting to hunt it. Its the MEGA hunt, Its what Dean wants to do before his time is up. He only has 2 Months left (hmm yeah right!) .



Default avatar cat
Apr 25, 2008 4:48PM EDT

Well... it ceratinly was interesting.
i did like the way it was done. it was funny while still being kind of creepy. but it just wasnt supernatural for me. not seing things from sam and deans point of view and having them looking at the camera totally weirded me out.
i did like the comment about the writers strike though. very clever.

Default avatar cat
Apr 25, 2008 11:57PM EDT

i enjoyed the episode, although at the start i was bored and yearning of sam and dean

Default avatar cat
Apr 26, 2008 5:12AM EDT

Although they weren't the main protagonists of the episode it was a nice change of pace, light hearted and thrilling without the 'Dene's Soul' and 'Demons unleashed from hell' politics. As much as I love Dene (and Sam too I suppose) Ghostfacers was great, hope they do another episode like this again if there is another season (taking S&D out as the main characters).

Default avatar cat
Apr 26, 2008 2:30PM EDT

I really loved this episode, the reference to the writers strike was really funny. The camera shaking was kind of unnerving, though.

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