'The Killing' recap: Close Calls

This week began with another one of The Killing's famously elliptical opening sequences. A young guy was driving down a pitch-dark, secluded road late in the night when a blood-covered teen girl ran out in front of him. She looked a bit like Kallie, but all we see was a single, terrified blue eye in the headlights before he hit her. The driver spun out, then stopped and stepped out of the car to help. After lying there for half a minute or so, the girl jumped up like some grim combination of a superhuman and a terrified animal before fleeing to the woods. When the guy looked back at his car, the headlights flared brightly, cut brightly only by what appeared to be a pair of legs. The driver called out to ask who was there. No one answered, and the credits began as a foreboding feeling hung in the air. READ MORE...


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