'True Blood' recap: Hunters and Information Gatherers

Oh, True Blood. You need to pick up the pace. Do not let Bilith became the Ifrit of season 6. Watching him suck the blood out of a woman without even touching her was good TV, but No Place is no place I want to visit again. We opened with the man we can now assume is Warlow (and not a sharp-toothed pirate) making his way through to this dimension. That's why the contract on Sookie's bedstand had lit up apparently. The gray-haired man Jason had thought was Warlow used his light to stop the car he'd abandoned Jason in from crashing. Jason told the man to prepare to meet his maker. But wait: "I'm not Warlow, I'm your f---ing fairy grandfather," he said. He proved he's been watching Jason all along by referencing the time young Jason broke his middle finger and couldn't flip off Hoyt, Jason's football glory days, and his porn collection. Grandpa had been testing him, and Jason, who'd given his entire family history to a complete stranger, had failed. Still, Jason wants in on the fight against Warlow. READ MORE...


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