'Big Brother' season premiere recap: Most Valuable Pizza Boy

Every houseguest who walks into the Big Brother house is like a beautiful unique snowflake walking into a gigantic vat of boiling lava. Look, there's Nick, an "entrepreneur" who self-identifies as Peter Parker: He's scary and non-threatening...but just like Spider-Man, he can "lay down the smack" when he needs to. And look, there's Helen, a married mother of two who describes herself as a "Chicago politician," even though she lives in Virginia. And look, there's Aaryn, who insists that she is "the ultimate Texas girl" and spells her name like a character on Game of Thrones. But while we're talking Texas, we shouldn't forget Minnesota, which is often described as "The Texas of the North" by people who've never heard of Texas. This year's tribute from District Minnesota is Kaitlin, a woman with the eyebrows of Joan Crawford. READ MORE...


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