The Heat - Review

A comedian who didn't risk looking foolish wouldn't even be in the game. In The Heat, which has the scruffy honor of being the first female buddy-cop action comedy, Melissa McCarthy does more than risk looking foolish — she risks coming off as borderline insane, like a dissolute biker–turned–homeless person, like she's royally out of control. Is it any wonder that she shocks the audience into laughter in more scenes than not? With her naughty-angel features, and her italicized gumption that's so stylized it turns sarcasm into a blunt-witted form of sincerity, McCarthy plays Shannon Mullins, a proudly slobby lethal weapon of a Boston police detective who favors fingerless leather gloves, keeps an arsenal of firearms (including a rocket launcher) in her refrigerator, and doles out cut-to-the-quick insults the way that most of us say ''Hello!'' Mullins gets paired with her opposite number: Sarah Ashburn (Sandra Bullock), an uptight, by-the-book FBI agent in ugly off-the-rack pants suits. Ashburn may be great at catching criminals, but she's so smug about it that she drives even her FBI boss (Demian Bichir) crazy. READ MORE...


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