Michael C. Hall's definitive 'Dexter' final season interview

Michael C. Hall has killed 125 people as Dexter Morgan since we first met him seven years ago. Yet it’s breaking into all those apartments and houses that’s bugging him. "The Miami of Dexter’s world is a world without home alarms or deadbolt locks," he notes after having quickly lock-picked yet another suspect’s residence. "He’s like Houdini." Hall is sitting at the kitchen table of a Long Beach house used in the production of Dexter‘s eighth season. For his next trick, he will help bring to a close Showtime’s long-running hit series, which launches the first of its final 12 episodes on Sunday night. The lock-picking comment is very Hall. As you’ll see below, he’s quite thoughtful and analytical about his character and the series. If he were to take a Meyers-Briggs personality test, one suspects he would strongly index as a "thinking" person vs. "feeling" (the unedited transcript of his interview originally contained about a dozen uses of "I think"). READ MORE...


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