This is my last season of Project Runway.

Bad decision after bad decision on the judge's part has left me with this decision.

In last night's episode, Emilio was without a doubt the best there was. His dress was absolutely amazing and he was one even came close to it. The judges made the right call there...but that was so obvious that even they couldn't screw it up.

Seth Aaron has been an amazing designer throughout his competition, but last night, his outfit WAS a costume. It was over the top and it did not fit well. Did you see the pants??

If any other designer has made them (Jonathan or Amy or even Jay), the judge's would have voted them out without a seconds hesitation, but because it was the godly Seth Aaron, only Michael Kors commented about it and made it into a joke.

It has never been a joke before when a designer made terrible pants, but this time, it was. The politics and judge's favourites are being made very obvious and its quite disgusting.

Anthony's outfit was pretty bad and he did deserve to get that was another good call by the judges. But he deserved to go this time, because his was the worst...the last time when he was eliminated, it was the wrong call..Mila should have gone then.

That brings me to Mila. Ok, her jacket was pretty good, in fact, it was better than Seth Aarons ridiculously over-the-top outfit for sure, but the pink pants and the green top? Badly made and terrible material choices. I agree that based on just the jacket she should have stayed in the competition, but until now she has pulled out lame outfit after lame outfit, so she shouldn't have been here in the first place!! But whatever. She did not deserve to be third tonight, she should have been second-to-last.

Jay's outfit tonight was amazing too. Yes, it wasn't the unbelievable dress that Emilio made, but you could clearly see the inspiration of the circus. His pants were perfect and fitted amazingly and even the black top underneath was perfectly made. His outfit was classy and definitely better than Seth Aaron's tonight but since the judge's are in love with Seth and don't seem to like Jay, they chose to put Jay as 4th. The only good decision they made was keeping him in the competiton. If he had left last night I would have been fuming.

I think the final three should have been Emilio as number 1, Jay as number 2 and Seth Aaron as number 3. Mila and Anthony should have gone home.

This season has been terrible on project runway. The judges clearly had their favorites from the beginning and they kept the people they liked around whether or not they made good clothes that week. After watching how political, catty and unfair it has become, Ive decided that I am going finish out this season because I want to see who will win (Although, right now, I don't think there is really gonna be much of a surprise - its pretty obvious who the best is) but I refuse to watch any season after this. Until the judges decide to actually be fair, I'm done with this show.


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Apr 10, 2010 2:39PM EDT

My thoughts exactly, except the bit about not watching the next season. Mila should have gone, I'm sure her collection is just going to be full of clothes with blocking she's a real one trick pony if I ever saw one. I thought Jay's dress was probably the only dress I would actually wear and Emilio's was out of this world but Seth Aaron's was over-designed by a mile and I can't believe no one called him out on it or maybe they just edited it out. I thought Mila and Anthony should have gone as well but then they are all talented so................

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