Special Edition Posters for PACIFIC RIM in IMAX and Alamo Drafthouse Screenings of THE HEAT

If you can’t wait to see Pacific Rim and/or The Heat, and have to be at a midnight screening, there might be a special edition poster in your future. For those catching an IMAX screening of Pacific Rim on opening weekend, you’ll receive a special edition poster by Sergio Grisanti (while supplies last). Director Guillermo del Toro says of the piece, "Sergio loves his Kaijus and his Mecha, and it shows. The poster, like my film, is a tribute to well-loved things." As for The Heat, if you live near an Alamo Drafthouse, you should probably go to the 10pm screening on Thursday night. Present your 10pm ticket at 8pm on June 27th at participating locations, and you’ll receive Mondo’s amazing 80s-style poster by Tom "The Dude Designs" Hodge (again, while supplies last). This is one of those posters you wish was the official artwork rather than something only available to Drafthouse patrons. READ MORE...


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