TRUE BLOOD Recap: The Sun

While True Blood is still largely chaotic, splintered and at times just plain random, there were a few things in "The Sun" that portend well for this season. In the past, the show has piled on to the supernatural creature count every season, to the point where it’s hard to believe anyone is just human anymore. Witches, maenads, ghosts and werepanthers dominated former seasons and then disappeared. This time though, the show is actually reaching back into its own mythology, and seems to be focusing on just a few supernaturals (vampires, fairies, werewolves and shifters). It also seems prepped to do some proper build-up of a season’s villain that will hopefully end up having more of an effect than say, Russell Edgington, who for all of his bluster was snuffed out pretty quickly and without much meaningful aftermath last year. Warlow, on the other hand, could be a different story. Hit the jump for more on, "they can fly?" READ MORE...


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