Burn Notice Season 7 Review - Brothers in Arms

It has been a long time since Burn Notice was able to keep me on the edge of my seat the way "Brothers in Arms" did tonight. In addition to non-stop action, there were some character twists that I honestly didn’t see coming at all. I love it when a show is able to throw me for a loop like that. The mission was fairly standard, but it most certainly didn’t unfold in the standard fashion. Burke wanted to penetrate a Russian holding facility so that they could rescue the prisoner, Sonia, that the Russians were holding there. Naturally the prison was impenetrable with only one way in or out, so Michael decided to go in and make them think that the CIA was about to raid their facility. When they gathered the girl to move out, then Michael and Co. could grab her up. Sounds simple enough. Except that nothing went according to plan. The Russian commander naturally didn’t believe Michael at first, but the Gang did what they do and made it look like some spy in Miami was a traitor and feeding the CIA information. Even after they convinced the Russian commander, the team was still faced with corrupt local cops; insufficient supplies and manpower; a small army of Russian agents; and a submarine full of Russians headed for them. So, ya know. Just another day at the office for Michael and Co. In the end, Burke made the ultimate sacrifice so that Michael, Sonia, Sam, and Jesse could get out. READ MORE...


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