Crossing Lines Season 1 Review - The Terminator

Crossing Lines took a strong step forward with "The Terminator," this week’s episode. Though the show has yet to find the perfect balance between the weekly case and long-term character development, the shorter runtime and stronger crime made for a better experience overall. One of the major problems with the premiere was that the middle of the episode dragged, with numerous plot points repeating and a general lack of action. Things were better here, though it leaned a bit too hard to the other end of the spectrum. Nicole’s poisonings were never really built up, with only one crime actually taking place on screen. In fact, the investigation team didn’t even learn about the crime for a third of the episode, making for a rushed series of events as they moved to capture her and the art thieves. As a result, Nicole’s motivations were murky at best. By the end, we knew little about her other than the fact that she hated men and was in debt to someone called the Russian. READ MORE...


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