'Big Brother 15' house: The racism, misogyny and homophobia comes out!

It never takes long for the "Big Brother" hamsters to let their true colors show in the house and Season 15 is no exception. Keep reading if you'd like to know exactly what the houseguests are up to, or sign up for the live feeds to see for yourself.First, let's talk about Jeremy. We thought he was a sweet kid but kind of dumb when we met him. Turns out we were half right. Jeremy likes nothing more than to refer to all the women in the house as "b*****es" -- seriously, it's left and right, it's all the time. Furthermore, he's been hooking up with Kaitlin in the house. Fine, whatever. Hook-ups happen on "Big Brother."RELATED: BB swimsuit picsBut Saturday on the live feeds, he was bragging to David about how he touched Kaitlin's vagina because he wants "to see what [he's] working with." But he also called it her "meat wallet."Who raised this...



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