Canceled????? Hmmm.......

How can this be???? I remember that I finished this show quite a while back. I come back to watch it again only to find out that it was canceled. But.........I still remember the ending, I can still see the ending in my mind's eye: They found the cave that has the immortal elixir after deciphered the codes in all the artifacts. Sloane drank the elixir then his got stuck in the cave with his legs under a huge rock (I remember feeling sorry for him because he can't even die to get out of his misery because of the elixir). The last scene I remember was Vaughn and Sydney lived together by a beach with their son (and an agent came to ask them for help--this I'm not very sure).

I don't think I imagined all that. Someone please tell me if you've watched the end or maybe I just made it all up without knowing it.

I watched the very last episode available in SideReel, and I remember watching that episode and more.


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Dec 8, 2009 11:21PM EST

I remember that too and I thought there was six season and not just five.
I didn't the feeling it was cancelled when I watched the last episode, I thought they were more concluing it which is not the same thing !

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Dec 10, 2009 12:56PM EST

Yay!!!!! At least someone saw those last episodes too.

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