'Dexter' Season 8 premiere: The psychopath whisperer is on to Dexter

"Dexter" is back for its final season on Showtime, featuring two storylines we are immensely intrigued by, one of which we definitely did not see coming. It's six months later from where Season 7 left off. Batista is the new lieutenant because Deb left the force, which only makes sense after she killed LaGuerta to keep Dexter's secret. At first, it seems as though Deb is spiraling way out of control, doing drugs and cavorting with a criminal, which turns out to be a double fake out. We find out she's working for a private security company tracking down bail-jumpers, so initially, it does not seem like she has actually gone over to such a dark place. However, when Dexter shows up to "save" Deb and stabs Briggs, her jewelry thief boyfriend, Deb is actually upset about. She wasn't so much "undercover" as she was moving on into "the s***ty hell that she deserves."It's incredibly...



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