Ray Donovan Review: Sins of the Father

The Ray Donovan premiere took me by surprise.

To wit: I didn't see Jon Voight's character getting released from prison only to murder someone after his initial cab ride.

It's only after slowly peeling away the family drama that holds Ray Donovan together that we discover just who it was he "took care of." It's indicative of his character, Mickey, and the juxtaposition of his mob mentality and his fatherhood.

I've read others call Donovan a fixer along the lines of Olivia Pope. But I'm imagining this has been going on for a century, since the beginning of Hollywood and Celebrity. I picture the times Rock Hudson was with a man and showed up at an event with Doris Day the next night - wouldn't someone like Ray Donovan have been resposible for cleaning up that "mess?"



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