'Under the Dome's' Mike Vogel: The Peter Shumway mystery has an awesome payoff at the end

"Under the Dome" is off to a hot start on CBS, earning over 16 million viewers in live + 3-day ratings. Star Mike Vogel tells Zap2it that the excitement of the premiere doesn't let up in episode 2, titled "The Fire" -- including more of the Barbie-Junior Rennie clash."Barbie and Junior, it's safe to say that we are not going to be bosom buddies. What we'll see is the catalyst, Angie, is all misconstrued. Junior sees one thing and acts on that, Barbie is kind of left going, 'What the hell are you talking about, buddy?' They both have different reasons for being suspect of the other, which play out throughout the season," says Vogel. Another season-long mystery is, of course, why was Barbie burying Peter Shumway's body in the opening scene of "Dome," and how will that affect his relationship with Julia Shumway, who has just suddenly become Barbie's new friend letting him stay...



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