'Teen Wolf' quotes: The best lines from 'Frayed'

A lot of big, bad things happened in the most recent "Teen Wolf" episode. Derek might have died. Scott got Alpha eyes (and then nearly died from a nasty wound). Stiles got a kid to throw up on the bus.But there were some good things, things like fun dialogue. Here are some of the best quotes from "Frayed.""There's strength in numbers." -- Scott"Yeah, well there's also death in numbers. It's called massacre!" -- Stiles"I can't believe he's dead. I can't believe Derek's dead." -- Scott"Are you just following the bus or are you planning on mounting it at some point?" -- Lydia"How do you know it's not from the archery team?" -- Allison"We don't have an archery team." -- Scott"The schemers are scheming!" -- Peter"How do you even get on the bus? Look at me! No, look at the horizon!" -- Lacrosse Coach"Why is the default plan always murder?" -- Scott"You never get tired...



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