'Pretty Little Liars' 'Face Time' recap: Melissa coughs up some answers

Previously on "Pretty Little Liars" -- it's a momapalooza. Ella's jetsetting off to Vienna with her pastry prince, Pam is being investigated by Child Protective Services, Ashley killed Officer Wilden (except she totally didn't) and Spencer's mom was nowhere to be seen because the Hastings are the worst parents ever. See, we can't even remember her name. Alison/Red Coat/MelissaSpencer and Aria play Harriet the Spies on Melissa, planting the mask of her face in her suitcase. Melissa runs to Hector's cabin and throws a bunch of er face castings into the lake, while Aria discovers a "Return to Oz"-y row of Alison castings.Spencer confronts Melissa, who confirms she was on the Halloween train, and says she's wonders if Alison is still alive. She echoes all of our sentiments when she exclaims would Ali being alive be any weirder than anything else that's happened on this show?Melissa also confirms that "they" were all afraid of Wilden...



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