Big Brother 15 Head of Household competition live blog

"Big Brother 15" is busting out the big guns early -- the second Head of Household of the season is an endurance competition. It's the one where the houseguests have to walk back and forth and fill a jug with liquid in order to grab a ping pong ball. Sign up for the live feeds now to watch it play out for yourself!The twist in this competition is that they are competing in pairs. The pairs are Kaitlin/Amanda, Candice/GinaMarie, Elissa/Andy, Spencer/Helen, Howard/Jessie, Jeremy/Aaryn and Judd/Nick. The two jugs are this -- the big one has the pingpong ball, the small one unlocks bigger cups to use to scoop barbecue sauce. So, do you go for the smaller jug and get the bigger cups, then start working on the big jug? Or do you just work on the big jug from the get-go?Keep checking back here for live updates when the feeds kick in after the...


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