Twisted Season 1 Review - Sleeping With the Frenemy

A few people were struck off the suspects list on this week’s Twisted, ‘Sleeping With the Frenemy’, but, as is usually the way on shows like this, we were offered twice as many questions as we got answers. Were Regina and Archie having an affair behind Lacey’s back? And what will Karen do with the necklace now she knows Danny has it in the house? It’s starting to look like the law enforcement in this town isn’t much better than the telly standard, with Jo’s dad completely dismissing our big, fat clue from the end of last week outright. The sheriff doesn’t think Archie is worth looking into despite the gaping hole in his alibi? That’s both professional and the sign of a supportive parent – well done. But Jo isn’t willing to let the matter drop as easily, and encourages Danny to befriend the jocks while at soccer practice. You already know how well that’s going to turn out. READ MORE...


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