Franklin & Bash Season 3 Review - Captain Johnny - Surf's Up!

In this episode of Franklin & Bash, called "Captain Johnny," the boys get into a contest with Rachel and Damien to see whose case will gain the most positive attention for the firm. I thought the competition in this week’s episode was tons of fun, though I do wish that somehow we could’ve seen both teams actually pitted against each other in the same courtroom. Now there’s a battle that I would’ve paid money to see on pay-per-view. I had a feeling the guys were going to win, but you never know with those two so it could’ve gone either way. I liked the pirate stuff, but from the preview I thought that bird was going to have a much bigger role in the episode and in my head I was picturing one of their wacky courtroom scenes. Although, I do have to laugh at myself when I realize that Jared talking to a judge with a parrot on his shoulder just isn’t crazy enough for me anymore. READ MORE...


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