Under the Dome 1.02 The Fire - Review: Flaming Out

Two words describe my feelings about Under the Dome after tonight: flat and frustrated. Flat actually refers more to the show than my actual feelings about it, because everything about Under the Dome was flat tonight from the characters to the storylines to the dialogue ("That dog told me I had to settle for Niagara Falls!" utters Natalie Martinez’s Linda, a horribly written line said in a a completely dull and awful delivery with zero amount of believability). My frustration comes from the fact that, while I had concerns about certain aspects of Under the Dome last week, I was much more optimistic about the promise that the show held. Instead, tonight’s episode, "Into the Fire," illustrated all the weaknesses that Under the Dome possesses and only affirmed my worries. Before we get to all of the negative parts of the episode (and there are a lot), let’s discuss the few positives that I found jotted down in my notes. First, anything dealing with Mike Vogel’s Barbie or Dean Norris’s Big Jim has me interested due to the morally gray nature of both the characters, and the talent of the actors portraying them. Vogel and Norris seem to be the only two people on Under the Dome that can deliver believable performances, and I’m glad we got some more information, however brief it was, about Barbie’s murdering of Julia’s husband and Big Jim’s shady petroleum deal. Another aspect of tonight’s episode that I also enjoyed was the character development that we got from Linda, the police officer. While I’m not crazy about Natalie Martinez’s performance, it’s good to see the show attempting to provide Linda with an actual personality; her willingness to help others goes above beyond her simple duties as a cop. READ MORE...


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