Majestic Prince Episode #06 Anime Review

With what we’ve seen Team Rabbits go through since the start of the series, there’s still this weird feeling where they’ve done some intense things and gone the distance, but they’re still considered failures in a lot of ways. A good part of this continues to come from their general inability to actually work together as a team and the strong individual nature of each of them, though they haven’t displayed much in the way of personality that’s stuck for me in any meaningful way. But with all that they’ve been through, they’re now done in space for a bit as it’s time to head back to Earth, with a little extra data at that, to go through the graduation ceremonies if they’ve actually managed to achieve what’s necessary. With a show like this, you know how it’s going to go, but the potential fun is in the drama of it all and the way they’re viewed by others. READ MORE...


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