Majestic Prince Episode #12 Anime Review

After an episode that felt reminiscent of the original Macross series in some ways with its trip to Mars, Majestic Prince returns to more familiar and less engaging material. With the show having hit the twelve episode mark at this point and the middle of the road for the two seasons that it’s set to run, I still find myself in that weird place where because of how it’s been structured and worked, it’s near impossible to really feel connected with any of the characters. Even during the middle of the show, it’s only Izuru that really stands out and only because he’s made more of a play for various scenes that allowed his name to come across more. The cast is so undefined in so many ways that they’re practically ciphers even at this point. So an episode that focuses on Tamaki and Kei should be decent for a bit as it sends them planetside to do general PR for the Majestic Prince program. READ MORE...


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