My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Episode #02 Anime Review

The opening episode of My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU was one that left me certainly curious because of the approach it took and the kind of isolationist nature of Hachiman. That’s something that’s highlighted at the start here once again as he talks about the problems of living within a group, how much it impacts the individual and how he intends to live his life along the path of a the solitary bear. There are some nice aspects to it, but much of it is just the mindset of a teenager, not realizing how the world works and the way connections are made and the importance of them all. But with so much of a teenage life being about cliques, groups and hierarchy – which often doesn’t translate into a post-high school world – it makes sense to work that angle in which to tell the story and to give us a male lead that’s at least a bit different than the normal guy that seemingly everyone likes. READ MORE...


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