My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Episode #04 Anime Review

With a bit of fun with sports in the previous episode that had Yukino getting more involved with both Yui and Hikigaya, the group is starting to come together a bit more and with a little more understanding. But there’s always more and deeper wells to go down in order to understand someone and with Hikigaya we get a good bit of detail from the start, seeing his home life with his sister and how free she is in certain ways. But we also get a brief flashback that shows why he’s had so much trouble fitting in from the get go, though some of it is likely self imposed, because of the accident that laid him up in the hospital for awhile. It’s cliche but there’s truth to it in that when you get that kind of later start, it’s hard to sync up with others unless someone really outgoing and friendly takes you in. And you have to be amenable to it yourself and to try, something that Hikigaya never really seems like he’d be capable of doing. READ MORE...


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