My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Episode #07 Anime Review

With summer vacation coming up, Yukino is trying to get in touch with Hachiman about setting things up for the club and its activities. But Hachiman is the kind of person who, while at home, wants little to do with anyone else. His time is his own and his general distaste for others at this point is pretty well earned, so he just wants to play his games and do his thing. Hence trying to ignore Yukino’s repeated attempts at getting in touch with him, which leads to some comical messages from her about what she thinks he’s up to and really doing. There’s a good and natural kind of flow to what she says but also how he reads and interprets things that does give it something of a realistic feeling to it. So many shows have such plastic or hard to believe aspects of its dialogue that you just write them off easily. But they do a good job here once again. READ MORE...


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