My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Episode #09 Anime Review

With the summer vacation coming to a close soon, which is made to feel all the more prominent because of the time spent at camp, you can certainly understand why Hachiman just can’t believe it. His hopes of spending a summer away from everyone so he can be alone as he likes has been cut short in a number of ways and now there’s only a few days left overall. To make matters worse, Yui has shown up at his doorstep in order to simply chat a bit but also to try and have an end of summer gathering of some sorts at the upcoming fireworks display. She does it in a kind of roundabout way, one that requires Hachiman’s sister to really make it clear that he needs to go and be with her, and it’s amusing to see him just realize there’s no way he can win this fight and doesn’t even really put one up. Of course, there’s something to be said for going since Yui looks so striking in her kimono when they do meet up. READ MORE...


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