My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Episode #10 Anime Review

As with seemingly almost every high school based show, we’ve entered the period where we have to deal with the culture festival. As can be expected, Hachiman gets shoved into the position unwillingly and he’s just quickly resigned to it as the teacher makes it clear he’s not going to get out of it. Of course, they let people volunteer for the female representative, but it’s still not a really great job to be involved in. Especially when you have to work with Hachiman and most people have a view, rightly so, that he’s going to slack his way off on it and the girl will have to do most of the work. There’s also the added pressure coming in that people are suggesting Yui for it since she and Hachiman have been seen around a bit lately. It’s comical in how it turns from one target to the next, all while Hachiman watches on. READ MORE...


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