Samurai Bride Episode #02 Anime Review

Oddly, a lot of plot is being introduced at this time. First, there appears to be a lolicon panty thief breaking into the dojo/maid cafe whose only target is Yukimura’s panties. While Hanzo tries to catch the thief, she fails. Sen and Yukimura (during a bath, naturally for this show) discuss larger matters: who are the mysterious four girls who beat them in the previous episode? We are told by Sen that they can’t be tied to the resurrection of Shiro Amakusa, since the process of his rebirth takes 100 years before the next cycle (and they just stopped his resurrection at the end of the previous season). After bath time, Sen and Yukimura discuss the panty thief, and Yukimura has a theory: it must be Muneakira, since the thefts only started after his return, and it "must be true" that he’s suddenly turned on by Yukimura’s small charms. Sen is so filled with disbelief, she promises to dance naked in front of everyone if Muneakira is the real culprit. READ MORE...


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