Samurai Bride Episode #03 Anime Review

So, Kanetsugu plots to get rid of the monkey, since there can’t be two mascot characters in the dojo. Her plan to remove Sasuke? Holding a maid competition. All of the maids will compete to see who gets the most regular business. The winner will be declared the No. 1 Maid. The one who comes in last will have to leave the dojo. Obviously the plan is going to backfire, since Kanetsugu is the heavy comic relief character, meant to be the butt of jokes and recipient of pain. And so it comes to pass that Sasuke is top of the standings while Kanetsugu is at the bottom. It gets worse when Sen and Yukimura, going over the cafe’s finances with Muneakira, state flat out that Kanetsugu is the cause of their continuing financial difficulties, even though the cafe is now drawing a good number of customers every day. Kanetsugu hatches another plot, thinking that all she has to do is kiss Muneakira and become a Master Samurai, so then she will be on top. This doesn’t work out either when Muneakira goes off and Sen and Yukimura discover Kanetsugu, in horribly bad makeup, hovering in the dojo, having missed her chance to get a hold of Muneakira. READ MORE...


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