Samurai Bride Episode #04 Anime Review

It seems that competition is on the rise, with a new maid cafe being opened up near the train station. Yukimura, however, is already prepared to meet this challenge, as she has a plan: hire a new maid. Who will this be? That’s where Gisen reappears. Yes, Gisen, the thorn in Muneakira’s Harem’s sides last season is back, of course, since Master Samurai all seem to resurrect. She also offers a piece of information: that there is one piece of lore they might be able to use against the Dark Samurai, and that is that there is the possibility of creating a Master Samurai who is even more powerful than all the others, the "Samurai Bride." How you get a Samurai Bride, however, is something that Gisen doesn’t know. As Gisen is too dangerous to allow to roam freely, they decide to keep her under their watch for the moment. READ MORE...


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