Samurai Bride Episode #07 Anime Review

Maeda is still visiting, partying, and Jubei is still in full power mode, as she cannot un-transform from Master Samurai form. It will take some training to get everyone up to speed with their ki control. Maeda offers lessons to the girls, though she forces Sen and Yukimura to wear "special" outfits (just aprons, and I mean just aprons). Unfortunately, Jubei, despite her concentration and abilities, is unable to return to her normal form, leading to a risky procedure involving Muneakira trying to give Jubei ki (as she is about to use up all of the force she had gathered herself, potentially killing her) until she can release herself from Master Samurai form. In what could not be worse timing, the four Dark Samurai come to pay a visit in search of Maeda right after Maeda has left herself weak in trying to help Jubei and Muneakira. READ MORE...


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