Arata: The Legend Episode #01 Anime Review

Based on the manga by Yuu Watase which began back in 2008 and has seventeen volumes so far, Arata: The Legend is a new series from Satelight and JM Production. I’ve seen a few Watase shows in the past, from the overly long Fushigi Yugi to the shorter and more interesting Ayashi no Ceres, but I didn’t pick up on the manga for this release even though Viz Media is bringing it out. While I like her ideas and generally her characters, the execution has always been the harder point for me since they were drawn out and made odd leaps at times. With this series, there’s a certain trepidation going into it, especially as I don’t believe an episode count has been set, but when I see Satelight in the credits I always find myself wanting to give it a chance. READ MORE...


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