Arata: The Legend Episode #08 Anime Review

Arata – The Legend has had some interesting episodes and some less than interesting ones as its progressed, but it’s done some nice things along the way to get Hinohara on the right path. His growth, while fast when you look at it realistically, at least started him in one place and moved him to another as he moves forward from being bullied to standing up more for himself. The twist in the previous episode with managing to gain some concessions out of Kannagi was a bit surprising and the way they managed to come to a minor truce of sorts having realized the bigger game going on here is welcome. If Hinohara is only getting the immediate help and support that he’s had for a few episodes now, it makes it too much of a single man against a large array of opponents that becomes too difficult to believe he can deal with on his own. Even with an overpowered weapon like he has. READ MORE...


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