Arata: The Legend Episode #09 Anime Review

The series took a pretty interesting turn that I’ll admit I didn’t see coming with having Kadowaki arrive in Amawakuni, and having the power of a Sho as well with his weapon of Orochi in hand. The time spent on Earth with him definitely worked nicely as Arata realized what he was like, and having those on Amawakuni bring him here to further their own goals has a larger than expected result because of it. While Hinohara has grown well in his brief time here so far, there’s still that scared, bullied little boy that’s there and seeing his bully arrive in what he felt was a safe place, even with all the dangers there, is psychologically damaging. Even worse, Kadowaki is just brutal with his yelling at him, making it clear that he views coming to this world as open season on abusing the hell out of Hinohara. READ MORE...


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