Arata: The Legend Episode #12 Anime Review

The arrival of Kadowaki is something that certainly ramps up the tension across the board, but it’s also something that obviously affects Hinohara as well. Though we’ve seen him grow a bit and overcome some of his issues related to his bullying, there’s still a lot of this ingrained in him. And like many bullies, Kaodwaki knows what he needs to say in order to tweak him, since so much of it is projection in his own twisted view now backed up by even more power and a growing hatred towards Hinohara. Everything that Kadowaki does basically fuels himself even further with what he wants to do in taking down Hinohara and it twists him all the more with each step. It’s not so much that Hinohara is uninteresting, as he does have some good things to work with here it’s that Kadowaki is able to be expressive and chew up the scenery well enough to engage the viewer. READ MORE...


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